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Automobile Insurance Services
Income Replacement Benefit and other Accident Benefits calculations
At ZFACT we have performed numerous calculations of losses resulting from automobile accidents prior to and since the 1990 inception of no-fault automobile insurance in Ontario.

No matter whether we are retained to calculate a tort loss, an Income Replacement Benefit calculation or other Accident Benefits calculations we apply the same level of dedication and commitment to arriving at a fair assessment.


We utilize our knowledge and years of experience conducting Investigative and Forensic Accounting assignments in performing our calculations.

In carrying out each assignment we ensure that:

Self-Employed Claimants

These claims possess an inherent challenge due to the difficulty of confirming reported income.  In addition, record keeping is often an issue.

In reviewing these claims, we apply our investigative skills and years of experience to arrive at a fair and objective measure of the pre- and post-accident income.


We recognize that timely reporting is critical.  We work with you to ensure that your deadlines are met.

Our reports are prepared in a concise manner with our conclusions set out in an easy to understand format.


If required, we would testify as an expert witness at arbitration or trial.


We are committed to providing the highest quality financial investigations at a reasonable cost.

At ZFACT we ensure that:

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